Candles, Incense and Fragrant Oils


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Marijuana - Cannabis - Weed
Pot - Ganja - Herb

Maybe a candle poem....

Burn ye bright, o candle blue,
bless us with, your yellow hue.
and that little warmth, please share,
warm the corners, everywhere.


Maybe a incense poem too....

Sweet the air that lingers here,
a price worth paying, if you dare.
like some food, from way back when,
it fills a need, all over again.


OK, maybe 1 more about
fragrant oils....

It touched my soul, that smell so... right,
it's in my dreams, I have at night,
like a blanket, it's comfort there
it's smell around, I have no care.


Candles, incense and fragrant oils.






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New Plant



The buds of the plant are most often used when smoking and contain the most concentrated THC in the plant.

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the active ingredient in marijuana.

Many states now have some sort of legality associated with marijuana. California is introduced a bill in November 2010 to legalize growing up to 25 square feet of marijuana for personal use.





    Let's see what we can burn...
Burn a CD, Burn a DVD, burn a Blu-Ray disc, burn a candle, burn incense, burn some fragrant oils, burn the food, burn yourself, wood burning.